5 Ways Personal Branding Gets You Out in Front in Job Searching

You are qualified, equipped with your diplomas, your certifications and years of experience that makes you someone who should be hired in a blink of an eye, right?

Yet sometimes it doesn’t work out that way unless you put a little extra time to craft a specific image that attracts your ideal group of people you are looking to connect with. That’s what they call “Personal Branding”, and today we’ll give you 5 reasons why a little bit of self-marketing is worth a try.

But first, what is “Personal Branding”? Marketing yourself and your career as a brand is more than just about creative business cards and pretty resumes. It’s about a professional presence in person and online and putting emphasis on your value and what you believe both in and out of the office.

Personal branding is great for everyone whether you are making your way to your ideal job or if you are an entrepreneur looking to strengthen your business.


“Having a personal brand is important for an entrepreneur now more than ever, CEOs and founders of major companies are coming out to the forefront and connect with their audiences. People connect with people.” – Kevin Stimpson

  1. Build Trust and Authority

Your personal brand explains the “Why” in the “What” of yourself. Having a personal brand helps build trust with your audience, and can position you as an authority and a thought leader in your industry. The things that drive you, that make you the person you are. By building your personal brand, recruiters will feel more comfortable when they can know what you can do. Awareness leads to social ease, social connections and opportunities. Building a personal brand that positions you like the best expert in a specific industry or niche helps you to attract more of your ideal clients. When you’re positioned as an expert, it’s also easier for people to refer clients to you.

Starting a personal blog, social media page, having a well-structured Github account, or writing on your own Facebook can be a great way to showcase your specific topics related to your expertise. 3 things to remember when creating content: be original, be precise, and be well-sourced.

Elon Musk has more Twitter followers than 3 of his companies (Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity) combined.

  1. Exposure

By clearly establishing your values, your skills and your ambitions, you will be able to more easily attract recruiters and find your ideal job. Indeed, a well-defined personal brand, will resonate with potential employers who will recognize themselves in the message you convey. People are interested in who you are and what you do, most people are more interested in following other people than they are in following specific companies. Elon Musk, for example, has more Twitter followers than 3 of his companies (Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity) combined. He has a strong personal brand that he leverage to increase exposure and attract more customers for his companies and the same can be true for you! Having a personal brand makes it easier for you to be pitched on a media’s editorial table (online publications, magazines, television, radio, podcasts, etc.). Remember, the media is on a constant search for experts that can share their insights with their audience.

  1. Standout from the crowd

You’ve got an idea, but a YouTuber has already been talking about it and this idea is done to death on Medium. You want to launch a bright new project, perhaps a new website but some freelancers was the first to do it. The Gig economy is here to stay. Even here at GetLinks we are expanding more and more into temp work. A creative wave has seized the web for a few years, so it is essential, today more than ever, to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

According to Upwork, the freelance workforce is growing 3 times faster than the overall workforce in the U.S. By 2027, freelancers are expected to make up the majority of the U.S. workforce.

Many people are embracing their entrepreneurial spirit, this also means that every self-employed freelancer, independent contractor, and entrepreneur will soon face more competition than they already do. The key to differentiating yourself from your competition is building a personal brand that should reflect not only your personality but also what you have and they don’t.

  1. Self-empowerment

    Oprah Winfrey is a prime example of a successful Personal Branding, to the point that her name alone is now used to empower people around the world. 

Personal Branding allows you to gain confidence while you are developing your own brand. By thinking about your attributes and unique skills, you will have a gain of confidence that you can share with everyone. Producing videos about your values and your career will lead to a lot of support and positive feedback from your surroundings and those close to you in your professional life. If you decide to start developing your brand, remember that you will always be attacked by a few negative jabs. Building your brand will not always be pretty but getting through rough steps will get you to double down on what you really believe in and build character if you choose to ignore them. If you know what your worth and what you can offer, your self-esteem will skyrocket. A well done personal branding will emphasize your strengths and can give direction as to where you can use them.

By building your brand and market yourself, you’ll feel better prepared for interviews. Not only you’ll be able to present a portfolio that you can rely on to show the interviewer examples of your work, but you will be able to give a wealth of information that you can draw from to answer questions and exemplify why you would be the perfect fit for the position. When you’re searching for a job, your social media sites may be the first introduction that your new employer will have of you. You can decide the kind of reputation that you get, and market yourself in a way to help convey you to others. You’ll find that personal branding is more important than ever before, and marketing yourself can either make or break you when being on a hunt for a job.


At GetLinks, we don’t take anything for granted. We strongly believe that constant self-improvement is an important part of your personal or professional life. Thank you for reading our article, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ask questions in the comments.

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