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Create a GetLinks profile to highlight your past achievements and future ambitions. The more complete it is, the better the chance of us matching you with the right job

Our team will then review your profile to see if your skillsets match the needs of the companies that are also using GetLinks.

Meet your Talent Coach

At GetLinks, We provide you with a Talent Coach to help you polish your profile, coach you through your interviews, and help you negotiate. They are always available and more than

Our Talent Coaches are highly experienced and knowledgeable who will help you get your dream job

Receive many job offers and let companies compete for you

Receive job offers with perks and benefits stated upfront from many companies.

Let companies will compete for you instead of the other way around.

Companies interested in you will request an interview

Once you receive job offers, companies interested in you will request an interview with you. However, no worries – you always have your Talent Coach to consult and guide you through the process.

Receive a 150 USD hiring bonus

Land your dream job! Receive a 150 USD congratulatory bonus once you get hired and is signed with a company. This is our way of celebrating your new career journey together with you.

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