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Angelhack is a global innovative competition that have been held in 76 cities in 42 countries and created startup more than 115 companies around the world. Angelhack gathers the eager groups of people who are CODERS, BUSINESS, and DESIGNERS to invent the new and make change happen, together. Each group contains specialized in each fields and they will be provided only two days to make their wish innovation happen. Within these two days, there will be plenty of knowledge pooling-, real business model and strategies, and actual creations of minimal viable product (MVP). Finally, all candidates pitch their innovations to expert and specialized judges.
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1. Idea
Start off by pitching ideas from every candidates; candidates are provided 30 seconds to share their ideas about invention. The interesting ideas will get people and form groups to create a MVP.
2. Team
Each candidate has to vote interesting ideas, which can be from him/herself or other candidates, 6 to 8 ideas. The highest voted ideas will be contributed and developed to be practical MVP within 2 days.
3. Coach
Right after the teams are formed, excitement is about to happen. The stimulation of creating a startup in order to product actual product and service requires marketing strategies. Therefore, there will be gurus and experts to advice and give feedback to candidates.
4. Pitch
On the final day at Angelhack, all candidate groups present and show what innovative creations they have been works on to the judges. Finally, the winner teams will get unexpected valuable prizes!
1. Idea
All candidates are given only 30 seconds to show their ideas to the judges and other candidates. Thus, a well preparation is needed! However, we do only support new ideas and innovations, not a copied one!
2. Team
Angelhack is a two-day event that candidates need to spend times working on their creations at the provided place. We allow candidates to go their homes at night and come back on the next day, but for whom who wants to stay over the night, there is no problem! We just want all candidate to spend their time efficiently in Angelhack.
3. Learn
The best part of this event is there will be gurus, experts, and specialized who success in their business to be coaches and judges at Angelhack. Thus, this is a great opportunity for all candidates!
4. Make new friends
This is a very good opportunity to make new friends who probably be your future business partners. Every candidates joining in the Anglehack are skillful and capable, so please be open to make friends with other candidates.
Day 1 – Saturday
  • 09:00 AM:
    Doors Open to Attendees
  • 10:00 AM:
    Start the event
  • 10:30 AM:
    Sponsor Talks and Team Pitches
  • 12:00 PM:
    Hackathon begins
  • 01:00 PM:
  • 02:00 PM:
    Sponsor breakout sessions
  • 02:00 PM:
    Special Mentoring session
  • 07:00 PM:
    Dinner and Hack through the night!
Day 2 – Sunday
  • 08:00 AM:
    Start of Day 2
  • 12:00 PM:
  • 01:00 PM:
    Hackathon Ends / Submission MVP and prepare for pitching
  • 02:00 PM:
    Demos Begin / Demos only / No Slide Decks (If your demo doesn’t work, take us through the code of what you did and where you got stuck. It’s about showing what you’ve learned and not about pitching an idea)
  • 06:00 PM:
    Winners announcement / Prizathon! Congrats!!
Let’s face it, prizes just make hackathons more fun. That’s why each year, we team up with our sponsors to bring you an awesome set of prizes. Don’t forget, we’ll also be announcing more closer to the event!
Grand Prize
An exclusive invite to our HACKcelerator
  • 1. A 12-week Curriculum to turn your hackathon idea into a startup reality
  • 2. A diverse network of both local and global mentors
  • 3. Weekly guest speakers
  • 4. A chance to fly to Silicon Valley for our Annual Global Demo Day and participate in a week of extensive pitch training!
Amazon Web Service
Prize: $200 in AWS Credits per person through AWS activate.
UOB Thailand
Cash Prize: THB10,000
Criteria: The best FinTech idea that is presented in AngelHack Bangkok 2017.
Challenge: Designed to inspire and mobilize AngelHack’s global developer ecosystem, the Code 4 Coexistence challenge will ask developers to find technology solutions to build tolerance and foster understanding across cultures in order to prevent violent extremism. Developers may use any technology or platform, all we ask is that it focuses on inclusivity, peace and understanding and does not specifically target a group of individuals based on religion, gender, sexual orientation, or race. We’re looking for solutions that can make a meaningful, immediate impact in your local community, and/or solutions that have the potential to scale across borders. This challenge is being presented at 25 cities in the global series.
Prize: $500 USD cash prize for winning team
From the 25 finalist teams, a top 3 teams will be selected by an esteemed panel of judges to receive a $2500 travel stipend per team to travel to London and pitch to leading investors for continued support of their solution.
Challenge: How to use old technology in new ways
Restrictions: Open to all Cyberport incubatess/grantees/alumni
Prizes:Each team members of the selected teams will receive free tickets to Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2017 (9-10 Jun) at Cyberport
Tech Domains
Cash Prize: US$300
Criteria: The best application (selected by the judging panel) that hosts in .tech domain
Radix will also sponsor 1 free .tech domain for every participant (US$50 each)
Prize: The Grand Prize Winning Team will Receive 3 months of access to the Ubidots IoT Lab Platform.
Prize: 5000 free API calls to all attendees and the grand prize winner will receive 5,000 free API calls a month for one whole year.
Vision Mobile
Prize: All attendees who fill out the VisionMobile developer survey will be entered to win $150.
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