Because startups are built on hope
drink entrepreneurs friday july 29 2016 6:30px
@Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant, W District, 46Fl.
drink entrepreneurs
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To all the startups, it's time to declare a war to ourselves that we will achieve the goal we have set for this year. Let's not lose hope and go all in because "startups are built on hope". Prepare yourself for the biggest networking party. Come and join us at this awesome party! And you will remember it forever!!
Meet the top startups in Bangkok
Meet the VCs and mentors
Meet the talents
and declare a war that we will grow the business together even harder this time!
May the force be with you.
How to join drinkentrepreneurs Star(tups) wars 2017
Entrepreneur? Media? Developer? Designer? Investor? Tell us your role by creating a profile on, we will match you with interesting people during the party!
You will receive a confirmation email to show us at the party. As it's a networking party, don't forget to bring your friends to have a great time meeting people together.
Meet like-minded people around drinks. Come to have a good time by meeting great people and being a part of a global community of 10,000 startup entrepreneurs around the world.
Let's Join the coolest Startup Party! in Town
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What is
Drinkentrepreneurs is quarterly social event for entrepreneurs to exchange, meet, and help peers around a drink! We are non-profit organization, desired to connect entrepreneurs and entrepreneur circle (Investor / Coder / Designers / Media and etc.) locally and globally.
Drinkentrepreneurs is currently organizing in other 40+ countries around the world such as Silicon Valley, Paris, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and more.
See you on this March 21st.
Registration and the party start at 6.30PM
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W District, 46Fl., Sky Walk Condominium, Bangkok, Thailand 10110
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