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Bangkok, Thailand , Thailand Founded 2015 11-50 employees
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Stop dreaming about working in Silicon Valley; Let's build the next Silicon valley in Asia! GetLinks is a curated TECH hiring marketplace for Asia, operating now in 6 countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Korea, and Hong Kong.. We aim to help 25M tech talents in Asia to find their dream jobs at innovative companies & startups. Our web platform provides a personalized yet scalable way to connect with the world's leading tech companies in Asia.
Core Values of GetLinks - Young, Cool & Tech
Stop dreaming about working in Silicon Valley; Let's build the next Silicon valley in Asia!

Welcome to GetLinks, the leading tech hiring Marketplace in Asia. We are a 2-year-old startup, investor backed & already profitable. We build the future of work with one mission: to change the world’s tech industry, one hire at a time.

We believe people should be able to choose meaningful projects to work on whenever and wherever they want. GetLinks empowers people with a wide range of career choices and tech talent community activities, enabling talents to make an impact using technology while having a lot of fun.

We were founded by an international team, from Thailand, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and France. The founders include former Rocket Internet (Lazada), experienced mentors from LinkedIn & influential Asian investors passionate about driving Impact.

We joined one of the best Startup Accelerator in California, 500 Startups batch B16, and our holding company is headquartered in Mountain View. Recently GetLinks kicked off Series A round, leveraging strategic partnerships with a well-known Hong Kong recruitment company & Investors, planning to expand operation in Indonesia and Malaysia and reinforce existing operations in Singapore, Korea & India.

We help people develop their careers in tech by connecting them with innovative companies like Uber, Google, Alibaba, Grab, Tencent, Facebook, and Airbnb.

GetLinks also established itself as Asia's leading tech talent community through a series of tech events  — Drinkentrepreneurs, Online Startup Festival, AngelHack, etc. We leverage such activities to grow our user base while uniting Asia's tech ecosystem.

The Future starts here with GetLinks - join us for a ride and experience the startup life in Asia!
GetLinks (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Lake Rajada Tower, 193/36 Unit 10B, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110.
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