1st Tech Startup Festival in Vietnam,
By Startups, For Startups & Innovative Corporates
“Bring Silicon Valley to Saigon”
12th March 2016, 9.00 am - 5.00 pm | Independence Palace (Dinh Độc Lập)
Saigon Tech Startup Fest is a mix of Startup Festival, Tech Conferences, Workshops and Job Fair.
To Foster Vietnam toward innovation and digital economies. An amazing opportunity to gather Tech talents and Vietnamese startup thanks to the raise of awareness about digital ecosystem.

To Unite the Tech ecosystem of Vietnam during 1 day of festival, providing a platform for partnerships between Startups, Corporates, Telcos, Banks, Government, Media and Investors. Catalyse interactions between the startup community, international actors and investors across South East Asia.

To Catalyse interactions between the startup community, international influencers and investors across South East Asia.
Startup Job Fest Video in Bangkok
Who is attending the Saigon Tech Startup Fest ?
Tech attendees
Tech Companies & Startups
Top Speakers
Developers - 40%
Mobile, frontend, backend developers. They are the centrepiece of the digital economy. They perform the technical implementation and software development of a product, to facilitate the journey of the visitor in the platform.
Designers - 30%
UX, UI, graphic designer. They are the experience maestros who make the difference, to attract users thanks to their taste of aestheticism.
Digital marketers - 30%
Growth hackers, performance marketers, SEO experts. They imagine creative way to attract people. You will need them to build growth in your company.
Entrepreneurs, Founders & Tech leaders, they decided to pursue their mission to make the world a better place using technology. Meet them could change your life.
Investors & Corporate Managers
All the people you need to know to open doors and discover exciting opportunities in the Digital industry.
Interested to discover the startup ecosystem and the digital economy? You will figure it out!
12th March 2016
9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Tech conference Speakers
Venture Partner, 500 Startups
Eddie Thai
Head of Marketing Vietnam, Google
Anh Nguyen
Founder Dreamplex Coworking Space
Tin Nguyen
Toong’s Co-Founder & CEO
Đỗ Sơn Dương
Head of Product Development at TINYpulse
Dave Hajdu
Silicon Straits - CEO
Jonas Eichhorst
HotelQuickly- Co-Founder & COO & CMO
Christian Mischler
Director of communications at Vertex Ventures
Anh-Minh Do
Founder/CEO Ticketbox
Mike Tran
Asia Innovations - Co-Founder & CEO
Andy Tian
Nguyen Hoanh Tien
Head of Technical, Zalo, VNG Corporation
Le Ba Minh
And speakers from

Conference schedule
Với sự tham gia của
60 công ty về Công nghệ hàng đầu

Organisers and key partners
Government Sponsor
Media Sponsor
Supporting Partner
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12th March 2016, 9.00 am - 5.00 pm | Independence Palace (Dinh Độc Lập)